Friday, November 11, 2011

Back into the Mix!

It's been a busy summer, but now that our 2nd Team LUNA Chix season is in the books I can turn my attention to my next season - cookie baking!  My end of summer baking endeavors have been few and far between, but the gears have already shifted and I project many a sleepless night between now and December 25th!

I had to work all the kinks out of my rusty baking routine in a hurry with the return of a cookie mosaic for our Team LUNA Chix end of season fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Fund (in case you couldn't tell!) A great evening of Wine & Chocolate at Freedom Run Winery (with chocolates compliments of Sweet Jenny's of Williamsville)...seriously, who needs cookies when you have wine & chocolate!

and far too long before that there were Teacups and Butterflies for an late summer bridal shower ....and sadly,  now I'm all caught up!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Latest Edition for a New Addition

A new first for 'custom cookies.'   Not only on the decoration, but on the cookie itself - all individually hand-cut from a cardboard template - thank goodness there were less than 3 dozen, but still no easy task.  These came in the midst of a busy week or might have gotten a bit more into the details - but all in all they came out pretty true to form.

They were sent off to Ohio for a baby shower, in case that wasn't obvious enough.  Congratulations to Laura & Tim Favaro - it won't be long now!
Hand Cut "Sweet Lambies" to imitate Pottery Barn's Nursery Decorations

Perhaps I took a bit of poetic license with some, but still who would know? :)
I think this version came out best.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Graduations Galore!

Caps & diplomas were definitely the order of the day for the end of June ... actually still working on a few - but had some fun doing high school and college cookies for friends who also generously donated to the Ride for Roswell and the Breast Cancer Fund - yet further proof that Cookies Can Change the World! :)

For the culinary school grad, just a little pressure here, but there were Chef's Hats & Whisks & Cupcakes - oh my!

The finished Product - worthy of a 'Top Chef!'

Penn State in the Fall, anyone?

Nittany Lions, if you use your imagination!

For the Lewiston Porter High School Graduate - love the simple, contrasting colors - makes my job easy!

Alfred State colors make it look a little like Easter, or maybe that's just my interpretation of them!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cookies for Good People

I had the opportunity to do some cookies for the local UCPA and of course I have a hard time saying no - especially when the request comes from family!  My brother Mike and his wife Mary have done an aweful lot to support me and help me out throughout the years, so when Mary needed cookies for a 'Staff Appreciation Gift' at Niagara Children Education & Treatment Center (Niagara Cerebral Palsy's Education Division) it was obvious I'd say 'Yes.'  (even despite the 'true to family form' of giving little to no notice - so just a hint there folks - help me out with a bit more warning next time - and yes, that includes you Ann... and Nick .. and Krystal! :)  At least it lets me lay blame for my lack of blogging on the proper guilty parties!

Anyway, I don't think all the employees were female but I was in pink mode, so my apologies to the men!

Around the same time I put together another mosaic that was requested for a luncheon honoring the "Sisterhood of Temple Beth Am" and I thought the design was simple enough to look really good.  The more I do them, the more I'm enjoying making the mosaics, here's the finished product

Sunday, May 22, 2011

While I was at it

 Couldn't resist adding a few dozen cookies for the Team LUNA Chix Cupcake Run fundraiser.  I don't bake cupcakes - but who's to say it can't be cupcake cookies instead? Don't worry, no one got short changed, Sweet Sixteen Cafe provided plenty of cupcakes for all - the cookies were just a bonus!

Bake for Roswell!

Had a busy cookie week since along with the cookies for the benefit I did cookies as a "favor" for a Wedding shower (Congrats to Erin & Jon!).  They were fun and bright and colorful and it was my pleasure and I'm super appreciative for the donation to my Ride For Roswell Fund!
The setup ....getting ready ...
The finished product ... cute!
Sneakers as requested - very appropriate for Erin

Sneaker detail - I'm sure these'll come in handy!

Every Little Bit Helps ...

 Doesn't seem like much, but was able to drop off a  few hundred cookies today for the dessert table at the Fox Szatkowski Benefit in Lockport.  Young Fox Szatkowski has been diagnosed and undergoing treatment for Stage IV Wilm's Tumor - a childhood cancer effecting the kidney and other organs.  I'm hoping they had a successful event as they're trying to raise money to help support Fox's treatments and his demanding daily living requirements.
Basket for Auction - a promise of Good Cookies to come!

Green Ribbons representing Kidney Cancer 

Lots of Old Fashioned Molasses Cookes

And even more Banana Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Good on the Cookie Front

Can you tell which one is cookies? :)  Yeah, I know, my lettering needs a little work 

The latest cookie mosaic, for a staff party at Adoption Star compliments of their Executive Director, Michele Fried - obviously a woman of good taste! And I was doing double duty and hopefully have a new recruit for Team LUNA Chix! 

And these were to make good on the basket raffle item from the 'Cure Me I'm Irish' fundraiser held in memory of Melina Riniolo by her friends and family of 'Melina's White Light'

Melina's Mom, Lisa, actually won my basket and true to "mom" form requested the cookies so she could have them as a thank you for all the girls that helped out with the fundraiser.
At Lisa's request I made more sunflowers along with butterflies that I couldn't quite get to for the fundraiser.  The 'prize basket' also included some non-cutouts and she foolishly trusted my judgement!  But I went with a few of the 'greatest hits' from the cookie project including the ever popular Mint Frosted Chocolate Cookies and Lemon Coconut Meringues! 

Hoping they didn't disappoint! It was great to meet Lisa and with any luck, yet another recruit for the Chix! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Gilda's Club Birdhouse Sale!

Going on TODAY (April 15th) from 12:30 to 6:30 down at Gilda's Club on the corner of Delaware & W. Ferry.  I just stopped down there and WOW, do all the birdhouses look great!  I've never really had a birdhouse, but I 'Need' a few of them now! ... SO CUTE!  Here's some cookies to follow the theme:
Getting ready - this was only about HALF the colors! (Notice it's light out when I started!)
These Daisies are some of my favorites to do (cute AND easy!)
Ran out of time to detail the leaves, but I still like the Tulips

Required birds in keeping with the theme - these were fun! 

Ready to wrap! (Note: at this point it is no longer 'light out' and
hasn't been for a very long time!)

Tulips & Daisies my favorite 'pairing'

Finished product - The birdhouses were like snowflakes - no two were the same
(and not a lot of pics cause they weren't my favorite) Apologies to Gilda's in that
they don't do justice to all the super cute Birdhouses they have for sale -
but these do taste better! :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lots of cookies, doing lots of good!

I had SO much fun doing this and some other gourmet cookies for farmer 'Grandpa Buds 90th birthday' ... Thanks SO much to Sarah for the donation to The Ride for Roswell!

And seeing how I don't discriminate among good causes, hopefully these cookies helped Debbie Rankie-Mcpeek and her Ultimate Cuts team raise a few bucks towards their 24 hour walk in June - The Relay for Life, benefiting the American Cancer Society.

And finally - cookies just for fun!  Congrats to Ryan & Leo on the birth of their daughter, Charlee Margaret! (I think I was just looking for an excuse to do 'baby girl' cookies!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cure Me I'm Irish

Cookies for the  'Cure Me I'm Irish" Fundraiser at the UB Center for the Arts.  It was the second year for this event that's part of a national mission to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research.  Locally it's put on by Melina's White Light and Friends Benefiting the Neuroblastoma Alliance and in Memory of Melino Reniolo.
For Basket Raffle

A few of the French Macarons -making these is like riding a bike!

Sunflowers - requested as Melina's Favorite

Gold Ribbons, Symbolizing Childhood Cancer

Lots of Homemade Oreos - Regular & with Mint Filling

Shamrocks to keep with the theme.

Monday, March 7, 2011

March 2011 - "Designer" Cookies

The Evolution of Michael (thanks to Alisia for the sketch!)
What kind of designer wouldn't love a Houndstooth pattern for their Birthday?!
Michael of

Here's Waldo

Not to forget the 4-legged ones