Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Good on the Cookie Front

Can you tell which one is cookies? :)  Yeah, I know, my lettering needs a little work 

The latest cookie mosaic, for a staff party at Adoption Star compliments of their Executive Director, Michele Fried - obviously a woman of good taste! And I was doing double duty and hopefully have a new recruit for Team LUNA Chix! 

And these were to make good on the basket raffle item from the 'Cure Me I'm Irish' fundraiser held in memory of Melina Riniolo by her friends and family of 'Melina's White Light'

Melina's Mom, Lisa, actually won my basket and true to "mom" form requested the cookies so she could have them as a thank you for all the girls that helped out with the fundraiser.
At Lisa's request I made more sunflowers along with butterflies that I couldn't quite get to for the fundraiser.  The 'prize basket' also included some non-cutouts and she foolishly trusted my judgement!  But I went with a few of the 'greatest hits' from the cookie project including the ever popular Mint Frosted Chocolate Cookies and Lemon Coconut Meringues! 

Hoping they didn't disappoint! It was great to meet Lisa and with any luck, yet another recruit for the Chix! 

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