Friday, November 11, 2011

Back into the Mix!

It's been a busy summer, but now that our 2nd Team LUNA Chix season is in the books I can turn my attention to my next season - cookie baking!  My end of summer baking endeavors have been few and far between, but the gears have already shifted and I project many a sleepless night between now and December 25th!

I had to work all the kinks out of my rusty baking routine in a hurry with the return of a cookie mosaic for our Team LUNA Chix end of season fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Fund (in case you couldn't tell!) A great evening of Wine & Chocolate at Freedom Run Winery (with chocolates compliments of Sweet Jenny's of Williamsville)...seriously, who needs cookies when you have wine & chocolate!

and far too long before that there were Teacups and Butterflies for an late summer bridal shower ....and sadly,  now I'm all caught up!

1 comment:

  1. The cookies are gorgeous!

    I hope you are returining for a 3rd Luna chix season! If so, I hope to meet you at Summit :-)