Friday, April 15, 2011

Gilda's Club Birdhouse Sale!

Going on TODAY (April 15th) from 12:30 to 6:30 down at Gilda's Club on the corner of Delaware & W. Ferry.  I just stopped down there and WOW, do all the birdhouses look great!  I've never really had a birdhouse, but I 'Need' a few of them now! ... SO CUTE!  Here's some cookies to follow the theme:
Getting ready - this was only about HALF the colors! (Notice it's light out when I started!)
These Daisies are some of my favorites to do (cute AND easy!)
Ran out of time to detail the leaves, but I still like the Tulips

Required birds in keeping with the theme - these were fun! 

Ready to wrap! (Note: at this point it is no longer 'light out' and
hasn't been for a very long time!)

Tulips & Daisies my favorite 'pairing'

Finished product - The birdhouses were like snowflakes - no two were the same
(and not a lot of pics cause they weren't my favorite) Apologies to Gilda's in that
they don't do justice to all the super cute Birdhouses they have for sale -
but these do taste better! :)

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