Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Graduations Galore!

Caps & diplomas were definitely the order of the day for the end of June ... actually still working on a few - but had some fun doing high school and college cookies for friends who also generously donated to the Ride for Roswell and the Breast Cancer Fund - yet further proof that Cookies Can Change the World! :)

For the culinary school grad, just a little pressure here, but there were Chef's Hats & Whisks & Cupcakes - oh my!

The finished Product - worthy of a 'Top Chef!'

Penn State in the Fall, anyone?

Nittany Lions, if you use your imagination!

For the Lewiston Porter High School Graduate - love the simple, contrasting colors - makes my job easy!

Alfred State colors make it look a little like Easter, or maybe that's just my interpretation of them!

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  1. Hi Mary Lou,

    I've meant to try and get in touch with you for about 10 months now and it just never happened. I was a resident of the Ronald McDonald House in Buffalo for almost a month until Labor Day of last year when we brought our 2 month premature daughter Strawberry home.

    You asked if a cookie could change the world and the answer is yes, in fact it can. I spent over 12 hours a day in the NICU with my girl and looked forward to enjoying one of your wonderful cookies when I would get back to RMH (sometimes as late as 1 a.m.) as they were truly comforting to eat while I imagined someone in their kitchen, hard at work on bringing a little joy to people who were in my situation. I imagined you in a bright and yellow kitchen, with an apron on and surrounded by cooling racks of cookies.

    Sometimes I imagined a more grandmotherly woman, with dimpled knees and a soft chin. Sometimes I thought you must be a young hippie (or even hispter) girl with idealistic views and rose colored glasses. I imagined her the most. A sleeve of tattoos up one arm and a smudge of flour on her cheek, googling new and better recipes every week. Maybe I've seen Maggie Gyllenhaal in Stranger Than Fiction too many times.

    But I'm not disappointed that neither image was right. You look exactly the way you should.

    My daughter will be 1 in just over a month. We're having a too big party in celebration of the girl who almost wasn't (and I'm so proud she is). I know this is strange and maybe outright bizarre but I would like to order some cookies for her party, and if you and your kids or grandkids would like to come we'd love to have you join the festivities. And I would be so proud to photograph you in your kitchen, where I've imagined you for some long. At the least, please say yes to the cookies. I would be so appreciative.

    Please email me at your convenience at melissa (@) thebossyphotographer.com . If I don't hear from you I'll understand. I would like to though. But if not please know how sincerely appreciative I am of what you do.

    Thank you.