Monday, June 6, 2011

Cookies for Good People

I had the opportunity to do some cookies for the local UCPA and of course I have a hard time saying no - especially when the request comes from family!  My brother Mike and his wife Mary have done an aweful lot to support me and help me out throughout the years, so when Mary needed cookies for a 'Staff Appreciation Gift' at Niagara Children Education & Treatment Center (Niagara Cerebral Palsy's Education Division) it was obvious I'd say 'Yes.'  (even despite the 'true to family form' of giving little to no notice - so just a hint there folks - help me out with a bit more warning next time - and yes, that includes you Ann... and Nick .. and Krystal! :)  At least it lets me lay blame for my lack of blogging on the proper guilty parties!

Anyway, I don't think all the employees were female but I was in pink mode, so my apologies to the men!

Around the same time I put together another mosaic that was requested for a luncheon honoring the "Sisterhood of Temple Beth Am" and I thought the design was simple enough to look really good.  The more I do them, the more I'm enjoying making the mosaics, here's the finished product

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